Khangura Welcomes Model Code of Conduct – says Signals Unshackling of Aam Admi - 24/12/2011

24 December 2011

Khangura Welcomes Model Code of Conduct – says Signals Unshackling of Aam Admi

As the Election Commission announced the schedule for our Vidhan Sabha elections, Qila Raipur MLA Jassi Khangura said “I’m relieved. Now the Model Code of Conduct is in place, it will bring relief for us all from intimidation and incessant SAD propaganda.” He continued saying “I more than welcome the fact that the Chief Election Commissioner has obviously been paying a lot of attention to Punjab, and that he is taking stronger measures than in previous years to ensure these elections are free and fair.”

Khangura, known for his determination to bring positive change to Punjab, especially in the rural communities, said “in my current Constituency, Qila Raipur, I know for a fact that many people dare not bring their complaints and problems to me because they are scared of the local Akali goondas”. He continued “I have pledged to the people of Qila Raipur and Dakha that now the Code is in place, they can approach my office with their problems without fear as the Code will protect them.”

Referring to the constituency resource that is his website,, Khangura said “I have put a button on the home page of my site explaining to people about the Code of Conduct. It explains what the obligations are of candidates and parties under that Code. Even people beyond my constituency may find this useful.” Taking it one step further, Khangura said “I have also put a list of contacts on my site and details of how to file a complaint about violation of the Model Code of Conduct. Obviously, people from Dakha or Qila Raipur are also free to call my office with their concerns.”

Saying that the Code of Conduct was an “unshackling” of the population, Khangura said “I will be doing my utmost to ensure that people in my area feel they are able to cast their vote as they wish during these elections. The almost endless grand claims of the Badals in recent months has not drowned out the cries of the people who have their daily issues left unresolved by this neglectful SAD Government.”

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