Khangura – “I’m ready for the campaign and will win Halqa Dakha for Congress” - 06/01/2012

Jassi Khangura, MLA announced he had received the ticket to campaign for Congress in Halqa Dakha. He said “It’s what I’ve been hoping for and working for and I’m delighted that Captain Amarinder and the Congress high command placed their faith in me. “ Khangura now enters what commentators are plugging as a key battleground of Punjab. Being the “online MLA” he first announced the news on Facebook to his more than 22,000 followers.

Khangura has long been working in the Dakha area, and even has an office in Mullanpur Dakha since some of the villages of his existing Qila Raipur constituency fall in Halqa Dakha after delimitation. He said “I’m very well prepared and extremely well supported for this campaign. Congress will win across Punjab and thump the SAD into submission at the ballot. With the support I have from my team and thousands of campaigners in the villages, we will do the same in Halqa Dakha.”

Referring to the perhaps unique level of support he receives from NRIs, Khangura stated “NRIs are key influencers in Punjab. They are important to Punjab. They are critical to the future of Punjab and no-one should discount them. I am known for my support of NRIs and at times like this, their support of me is shown in return, for which I am immensely grateful.”

Khangura, said “my work has been clearly demonstrated across Qila Raipur. I have created jobs, been available to my constituents through public days and village meetings. Not just at poll times but throughout my term. They know me. I know them. This depth and commitment will win Halqa Dakha for Congress. “

Khangura closed by saying “I’m very much looking forward to this campaign. It will be a short one and, whilst the earlier than expected election may have thrown some people off course, I’m delighted about it.” He said “I’ve asked all my supporters to keep an eye on my website and Facebook in the coming days and weeks for all the latest information and ways to help. The mood is nothing short of excited expectation of immense change and a routing for the SAD.”

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