Khangura: 14 years of Badal rule is the true mother of all scams - 29/11/2010

Sukhbir Badal is truly deluded if he thinks that the display of support at Captain Amrinder Singh’s Patiala road show is artificial.

Sukhbir Badal simply does not understand that this is genuine affection from the people for a person that they wish to see as the next CM of Punjab.

Sukhbir today reminds one of "Chemical Ali" declaring in Baghdad that the Iraqis were winning the war just as allied troops were about storm the heart of the capital.

Sukhbir Badal is as far removed from reality as you can get. Therapists advise that this is a common problem for people who assemble great wealth without hard work!

Whereas in the last assembly elections the outcome was genuinely uncertain until the count, this time the trend is clear some 15 months before voting. Congress will return convincingly.

Those Akalis who even a month ago were hoping confidently about some strategic electoral magic that Sukhbir all today all silent faced with certain defeat.

Sukhbir alleges scams at the centre but is oblivious to the real mother of all scams: the 14 odd years that S. Parkash Singh Badal has ruled Punjab.

Sukhbir's claim that he does not fear anti-incumbency ignores the fact that S. Parkash Singh Badal has singularly failed to be elected for consecutive terms on each of the 3 previous occasions that he has been CM of Punjab.

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