Khangura asks transport minister to reveal names - 14/12/2010

Qila Raipur MLA Jassi Khangura today asked the Transport Minister Master Mohan Lal to reveal the names of the powerful and influential people who had manipulated the transport business in the state and had walked away with the plum profit making routes.

Reacting to the statement of the minister that the transport business had been manipulated by a few powerful people in the state, Khangura welcomed his frank admissions and urged the minister to go a step further and reveal the names of those who have been manipulating the business.

The Qila Raipur MLA agreed with the Minister that the transport business was being held as a monopoly by a select few powerful people of the state that had led to huge losses to the Punjab Road Transport Corporation.

Khangura told the minister, “I am sure, like me and everybody else in Punjab you know it too well as who has manipulated and monopolized the transport business in the state it would be better if you bring everything on record”.

Reiterating his demand that transport sector should be liberalized and the system of route permits should be done away with, Khangura said, this will help in improving the services besides ending corruption in the transport department as also ending the privileged monopoly of a few.

However, the Qila Raipur MLA expressed full sympathies with the minister, saying,  given the clout of the powerful people he (the minister) is referring to, it is practically impossible at this state to cleanse the system. “The least he could do is to tell people who among the powerful people owns how many buses in the state, just for the record as otherwise everybody knows everything about the issue”, he remarked.

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