Khangura: 25 years jail for Sukhbir is more likely than 25 years perpetual SAD rule. - 09/02/2011

Congress MLA from Qila Raipur Jassi Khangura today stated Sukhbir Badal’s vision of 25 years of continuous rule underlined Sukhbir’s abject failure to appreciate the reality of politics.

Khangura stressed that Sukhbir conveniently forgets that his own father on 3 previous occasions has failed to be re-elected to office. All talk of “raj nahin, seva” goes to pot when all and sundry understand that the last 4 years have been wasted through the plunder and pillage of the state coffers by the ruling party, the alienation of tens of thousands of acres of public and panchayat land to vested interests and the loot of tens of thousands of crores of NRI assets.

Jassi added that it is quite easy to become deluded by the trappings of power, surrounded by sycophants, whilst enjoying a comfortable existence of private jets, luxury cars, dream holidays and numerous overseas shopping trips. A cold reality will dawn as the results trickle in on judgement day. Even then Sukhbir may not accept that the primary reason for electoral failure is his brand of thuggish politics which the electorate finds unpalatable.

Jassi clarified that it was all too easy for Sukhbir to use the powers of state to motivate criminals to undermine all the subordinate elections for the corporations, municipalities and panchayti raj institutions. But now having failed to receive the promised jobs, plots and contracts, these very same criminals will turn against the SAD at the forthcoming assembly election. The politicised criminals are running for cover that the SAD simply cannot and will not provide.

Khangura stated that every school bully is eventually found out and once exposed the earlier aura of invincibility vanishes forever. That will be Sukhbir’s fate precisely.

The Qila Raipur MLA added that one day Sukhbir will have to accept that the state treasury is not his own, that Punjabis will not be intimidated by his goons, that Punjabis may be poor and hungry because of his administration’s failures but that they have one thing that even Sukhbir cannot sequester; their dignity, which will lead them to decisively reject Sukhbir at the forthcoming assemble elections.

The former NRI MLA hoped that the forthcoming Congress administration would act against Sukhbir within 25 minutes of assuming office and predicted that incarceration in prison for a minimum of 25 years would be the likely judicial response arising from the numerous illegalities committed and sponsored by Sukhbir during the past 4 years.

Jassi Khangura MLA

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