Khangura to Cm Punjab: Come clean on the 2,600 NRIs declared as proclaimed offenders by your government - 16/05/2011

CHANDIGARH 16 MAY 2011. Qila Raipur MLA Jassi Khangura today challenged Sardar Parkash Singh Badal to reveal the true extent of the number of NRIs branded as proclaimed offenders.

Khangura stated that as the Centre had now removed many Sikh NRIs from the entry blacklist, it is now the turn of the Punjab Government to remove the injustice of false FIRs that has rendered so many NRIs as proclaimed offenders.

Khangura stressed that on 6 January 2008 Badal had at the Punjab government NRI samellan at Jalandar declared that a list of all NRIs declared as proclaimed offenders would be published on the Internet, yet some 40 months later this has still not happened. Khangura dared Badal to publish the list in full immediately.

Khangura regretted that in spite of having both a department for NRI affairs headed by a Minister, S. Balbir Singh Bath, and now a NRI cell within the Chief Minister’s Office, there was still precious little remedy available for NRIs.

The sad fact, stated the MLA, is that Badal and his stooges have over the term of this administration perfected the art of harassing the NRI with false charges and FIRs, resulting in the NRI having to flee India in fear of arrest, only to be declared as a proclaimed offenders basis notices that were never served on the NRI.

As the only NRI origin MLA in Punjab, Khangura regretted that this Akali administration had never been sincere to NRIs, as it had presided over the loot of thousands of crores of NRI assets. That is the reason why the Badals are unable to face NRIs outside India. They cannot step foot in Canada. In the USA they have to hire private security, perhaps the first Punjab CM ever to feel the need.

Khangura stressed, “I understand from reliable sources that this Akali administration has filed more than 13,000 false cases against NRIs, resulting in an additional 2,600 NRIs being declared as proclaimed offenders.

Khangura continued “Many NRIs are now languishing in prisons in India as they were unaware of their status as proclaimed offenders and were arrested on arrival in India”.

Khangura closed “Daily I receive calls and emails from distressed NRIs seeking help and assistance. The Badals will soon face the full wrath of the NRI community in the forthcoming assembly elections.”

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