Khangura to Sukhbir: Perpetual Akali rule in Punjab is a pipe dream - 16/05/2011

Chandigarh 16 May 2011. Qila Raipur MLA Jassi Khangura today queried which lessons Sukhbir Badal had learnt from the recent assembly results.

Khangura stated that at the start of this administration Sukhbir had deputed people to West Bengal to study the lengthy rule of the Left and to establish issues and factors, which were both relevant and transferable to Punjab.

With the abject defeat of the Left in West Bengal Khangura wondered which of the failed Left policies would Sukhbir still like to introduce to Punjab.

Khangura stated that in a democracy it is important for party activities to be separate from those of the government but sadly in Punjab, like in West Bengal under the Left, the boundaries were blurred. One simply does not know in Punjab today where the Akali party stops and the bureaucracy starts. The Students Organisation of India (SOI) has done for Punjab in recent years exactly what the left cadres did in West Bengal; they usurped the instruments of state for personal gain with unashamed vendetta politics.

As recently as a few months ago, Khangura added, Sukhbir was widely predicting 25 years of uninterrupted Akali party rule but it is now clear that the voting public of Punjab will not even give Sukhbir 25 hours to pack his bags.

Any thoughts that Sukhbir might have that money power alone can turn elections have been completely rejected by assembly election results elsewhere, Khangura stressed, before adding that all talk of spending big on 70 targeted seats is futile for the voter today is generally far too intelligent to be influenced by money.

Khangura blamed the father and son Badal duo of starting several decades ago the vote buying culture in their native constituencies and stated that the Badals would be grossly mistaken if they endeavoured to extend this strategy elsewhere.

Khangura stated that the voting public does not need the dirty money of the Badals but instead it yearned for an honest, responsive and efficient government. Increasingly the results of elections in India are determined by issues of governance, yet there is no evidence whatsoever that this administration has delivered anything close to the aspirations of the people.

Jassi closed “The Badals live in a world far removed from reality. Just because the timid Punjab government machinery has buckled by and large without so much as a squeak, does not mean that the Punjabi voter will do so. Punjabis wish to consign the Badals to history at the earliest. Sardar Parkash Singh Badal has ruled thrice before and has been rejected each time. The forthcoming election will be no different.”

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