Khangura: Trifurcate Ludhiana District, Create Shaheed Kartar Singh Nagar, New Cities at Mullanpur and Doraha. - 18/06/2011

Ludhiana 18 June 2011. Qila Raipur MLA Jassi Khangura today called for Ludhiana district to be trifurcated, and the creation of the new district of Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha and new cities at Mullanpur and Doraha.

In a statement issued today, the MLA stated that as the largest district in Punjab by population the needs of the people would be better served by bringing the administration closer to the people.

Khangura stated that it currently takes many persons more than 90 minutes to reach the district head quarters from some parts of the district boundary. This is too far. The MLA added several parts of the administration are too far for regular visits by the senior officials of the district, many of whom only reach these distant parts when the Chief Minister or the Deputy Chief Minister are in these locations.

Khangura stressed that in spite of the fact that Ludhiana district had usually enjoyed the best of the officer cadres, the administration of 14 assembly constituencies tested most of them fully and some very found to be short in their performance.

Trifurcation, Khangura stated, should result in the the 4 eastern assembly constituencies of Khanna, Samrala, Sahnewal and Payal forming one district, the 6 constituencies of the corporation forming the core Ludhiana district and the 4 western assembly constituencies of Gill, Dakha, Raikot and Jagraon forming another district. This would reduce the travel time to the district headquarters to 30 minutes or less for most people.

Moreover, Khangura stressed that the 4 western assembly constituencies of Gill, Dakha, Raikot and Jagraon should be named as the Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha District as it includes the historic Sarabha village of Shaheed Kartar Singh, the noted freedom fighter who was hanged to death by the British and who was a source of inspiration for Shaheed Bhagat Singh. Khangura also called for the new district to be headquartered at Mullanpur, a small satellite town to Ludhiana, which should be developed as a model new town.

The first time Qila Raipur MLA added that there was a need to decentralise industry out of the Ludhiana metropolitan area. The new district would assist in this process. Both the new eastern and western districts could benefit from accelerated industrialisation.

Khangura added that the western district currently suffers from the Budda Nalah pollution,although it does not create it. As an independent district this area would take a more focussed approach to combatting both Budda Nalah pollution and its consequences.

The creation of these 2 new districts would, Khangura stressed, provide a great opportunity for the state of Punjab to promote 2 new cities, one at Doraha and the other at Mullanpur, which could be promoted as model carbon neutral world class cities designed by the best urban planners with cutting edge infrastructure, public transportation and waste management. This would concurrently reduce pressure on Ludhiana city of a growing population stretching deficient public infrastructure.

Khangura sighed that Ludhiana as the commercial and industrial hub of Punjab should be far better than the decrepit city that it is today with choked drains, pot holed roads, traffic, noise and air pollution and poor connectivity. As an employer I know how difficult it is to convince senior executives to move to Ludhiana to work, yet offer them tomorrow a base in the proposed gleaming new cities of Mullanpur and Doraha, and it becomes an enticing prospect.

Khangura the first step towards the regeneration of the current Ludhiana district has to be the creation of 2 new districts.

Jassi Khangura MLA

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