Khangura to CM Punjab: Proposed NRI Commission is way too late; apologise to NRIs first - 28/06/2011

Chandigarh 27 June 2011. Qila Raipur MLA Jassi Khangura today stated that the proposed 4 member NRI Commission is way too late and is incapable of providing any effective remedy to NRIs within the term of this government.

The former NRI called on CM Punjab to apologise for his government's failure to implement the promises made by him at the NRI Samelan at Jalandhar in January 2008.

He stressed that CM Punjab had promised to publish on the internet the full list of NRI Proclaimed Offenders within 30 Days, a full list of all court cases involving NRIs within 3 months and that all police investigations involving NRIs would be reviewed by a SP ranked officer within 7 days of filing the FIR, yet till date none of these promises have been fulfilled. Even the NRI Police stations have been rendered ineffective for lack of political will.

Khangura to Badal: "Your promises to NRIs were not sincere, Your officers' actions against NRIs have been deceitful, Your Government has presided over the unparalleled loot of thousands of crores of NRI assets in Punjab; Your Government has filed tens of thousands of false cases against NRIs and has declared thousands of NRIs as proclaimed offenders; with what face do you now address the NRI community?"

Khangura maintained that the actions of the land mafia against NRI land and property in Punjab during the term of the Akali-BJP government could not have taken place without the express consent of the ruling family. Khangura added that it is the ruling elite, its Ministers, MLAs and their close relatives, together with a network of dubious front agents, criminals and police officers that have combined to alienate NRI property.

Is it not the case, Khangura queried to the CM, that both you and your son have consistently made it clear that NRI property can be looted with impunity? How many land grabbers of NRI property has your government acted against?

Khangura stated that for most of the term of this government the NRI Affairs portfolio has been with either the CM or the Deputy CM yet NRIs have only suffered heartache. Even the NRI Cell in the Chief Minister's Office (CMO), which undermines S. Balbir Singh Bath, the incumbent Minister for NRIs, has been a complete failure.

Jassi added that he makes it a point to refer NRIs to the NRI cell in the Chief Minister's Office (CMO) in order that NRIs can experience at first hand that this is a mere eye-wash.

Khangura closed by predicting that NRIs would soon ensure the eviction of this dishonest and inept government by arriving in massive numbers for the forthcoming assembly elections to ensure a resounding Congress victory.

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