Qila Raipur MLA Jassi Khangura today asked CM Punjab to clarify his double stance on the Gidderbha power project - 08/07/2011

The MLA stated that in the 2010 budget session Badal sahib taunted the opposition MLAs that his government had secured an agreement with NTPC, a central PSU, before claiming that this is something that a Congress administration in Punjab had never achieved.

Khangura recalled that in the assembly Manpreet Badal had made, to thunderous recognition from the ruling alliance MLAs, his infamous speech stating that he had initiated a potential "game changer" with the centre on Punjab finances.

In the same session, whilst summing up at the end of the debate on the Governor's address, CM Punjab had listed a slew of power sector projects, proudly stating that Gidderbha was not only the largest but that agreement had been reached with the NTPC in spite of the Congress led UPA government.

Now, Khangura stated, CM Punjab states that no such agreement exists and that the proposal is pending with NTPC for 4 years.

Khangura stated that the CM misled the house and now wishes to bury the proposal for fear that his dear nephew would get the full political mileage in the event the project starts to be implemented.

Khangura regretted that as experienced a politician had resorted to such a significant breach of house privilege.

Badal sahib should not allow divisions within his own family to compromise Punjab's energy security, Khangura closed.

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