Khangura: Surely Sukhbir can deliver more critical priorities than horse- and dog-racing? - 26/07/2011


Incensed by newspaper reports heralding dog and horse racing tracks for Ludhiana when citizens struggle for basic amenities, Jassi Khangura, MLA for Qila Raipur today slammed the Punjab Government for pushing these projects. He said “what next!? Sukhbir also has emus. Will he add emu racing too? We’re seriously wondering if someone spikes his tea in the mornings!”

Khangura said “either this Government is making a mockery of citizens who are in dire need of basic services, or they are simply trying to announce as many projects as possible in a last ditch attempt not to be kicked out of governance! In this case it’s definitely fair to say he’s closing the door after the racehorse has bolted!”

Jassi said that huge numbers of people in the Ludhiana area are faced with horrific problems of pollution, slums, dengue, typhoid, appalling roads, no reliable, safe, relevant or organised public transport. He added Surely the focus of the Government should be on these areas, not puff projects which ultimately encourage people to gamble?

On a serious note, Khangura said “of course India’s horseracing industry would be delighted to have a new race course. But I’m sure they’d be less delighted to have the setup of that dictated by Sukhbir Badal instead of a body of industry professionals and governing organisations.”

Jassi added “as ever, we’ve only heard from the Government... no-one in the racing industry has yet been heard on the project which makes me question its chances of success anyway as a revenue earner for the State.”

Jassi ended by saying “perhaps Sukhbir is just trying to find another career for himself for when he is rejected by the people of Punjab and sees the only way to the winners rostrum is via horses and dogs. Or is this yet another devious land-grab scheme? Khangura closed “It could even be another Badal family business venture through on and off course gambling.”

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