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31 Engaging contracted security protection in New York at Government cost is an insult to the common man - 24/11/2010
32 Jassi Khangura Reaction to Action Taken Against S. Manpreet Badal - 12/10/2010
33 Khangura: Sukhbir Badal as Finance Minister would truly bury Punjab - 10/10/2010
34 Khangura: Manpreet Badal’s utterances are proof of a fiscal emergency - 07/10/2010
35 Khangura: On Punjab finances Manpreet proposes, Sukhbir disposes - 04/10/2010
36 As Sukhbir arrives for launching new projects, Khangura asks what happened to earlier ones - 03/10/2010
37 Court has acquitted Badal but popular verdict remains same: says Khangura - 02/10/2010
38 Transforming rural landscape through English teaching in Qila Raipur - 02/10/2010
39 Forget the Commonwealth Games, Bring on the Olympics! - 30/09/2010
40 Letter to Mr Jason Kenney - 27/09/2010
41 Khangura to Canadian govt: Grant visa quota to legislators to avoid fraudulent immigration - 27/09/2010
42 Khangura Condemns Cancellation of Monday Proceedings - 24/09/2010
43 Congress condemns Akalis’ attack on party workers, FIR against Jawaddi - 23/09/2010
44 Khangura asks Sukhbir not to mock farmers to migrate - 21/09/2010
45 Why mock the poor farmers of Punjab to migrate? - 21/09/2010
46 Khangura asks Badal to come clean on Productivity bonus, Rs 800 cr - 20/09/2010
47 Amritsar International Airport Must Retain Direct Air India International Connectivity - 15/09/2010
48 Khangura for Amritsar Airport retaining direct Air India international connectivity - 15/09/2010
49 LifeBuilder and Sankara Eye Foundation partner to provide training opportunity to rural Girls - 06/09/2010
50 Khangura asks Badal whether he has anything other than lathis for unemployed - 06/09/2010
51 Letter to The Editor > Lathicharge on unemployed youth - 31/08/2010
52 Khangura asks Sukhbir what happened to Ludhiana Metro - 31/08/2010
53 Do not politicise the Black List - 27/07/2010
54 Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh treads where the Badals fear to go - 28/06/2010
55 One Year On: No Safety, Justice or Salary for Tehsildar Benipal - 21/06/2010
56 Khangura: Sukhbir Badal Watches Kabaddi as the Noose Tightens on 17 Innocent Souls in the UAE - 06/04/2010
57 Khangura launches online campaign for review of Union Entry Blacklist - 23/03/2010
58 Reply to the Budget By Jassi Khangura - 18/03/2010
59 Letter To Prime Minister - 02/03/2010
60 Prove that the appeasement initiative is genuine by rescinding Capt. Amrinder Singh’s expulsion order - 24/03/2010

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Thursday, 01/08/2019

Jalandhar : In a major step to boost the rural economy besides providing employment to youth in villages, MARKFED has launched a sale booth in Lohian, which would, provides more than 100 eatable items.



Indian-Americans urge Trump to ‘fully support’ India on Kashmir

Sunday, 04/08/2019

Washington : The Indian-American community in the US has urged the Trump administration to “fully support” India’s decision to revoke the constitutional provision that accorded special status to Jammu and Kashmir and to continue to exert pressure on Pakistan to end its support to cross-border terrorism.